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F4i Ignition Advancer

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F4i Adjustable Ignition Advancer

F4i Adjustable Ignition Advancer

THE QUICK RUNDOWN: This part will allow you to pep up an F4i and kill the typical bog or lack in throttle response. The one we offer has the advantage of being infinitely adjustable so you can 'tune' your bike to the particular engine and location where it is being ridden such as adjusting for elevation/air density. This ignition advancer is very simple to install. All it involves is removing the...


F4i Fixed 2/4 Degree Ignition Advancer

F4i Fixed 2/4 Degree Ignition Advancer

FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!!! Also known as the "Griffy Star" because stunt rider Andrew Griffy made them popular by combining a 2 degree and a 4 degree advancer in to one part. This ignition advancer is a must for all F4i stunt bikes. Choose between 2 degree and 4 degree advanced timing and say good bye to the F4i bog!!!

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