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GSXR Oil Pan BaffleGSXR Oil Pan Baffle
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GSXR Oil Pan Baffle


Anyone who is stunting a Suzuki GSXR motorcycle should run this Oil Pick-Up on their motorcycle. The oil pick up is positioned toward the front of the bike causing the a motor to starve for oil during stunts like long wheelies or bar tricks. You can over fill your oil to help, but that causes other problems like blowing seals and causing extra crank drag.

For this low price there is no reason not to run the Oil Pick-Up Baffle.

Here is how you install it:
1. Remove the header
2. Drain the oil, then remove the oil pan
3. Put the baffle on the pan just as you would a gasket using silicon on both sides and reinstall.

As you can see, this baffle keeps the oil near the pickup for Stunt Riding / wheelies so that you never run dry. Without it, all the oil moves to other parts of the engine and transmission leaving the pick up sucking air.

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