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Brembo 15RCS Right Side Brake Master for 1" Bars with 1 Caliper

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Brembo 15 RCS Adjustable Ratio Radial Brake Master Cylinder for 1 inch bars

- Adjustable ratio 18/20 (15x18 or 15x20)
- Forged body
- Designed for 1" Harley / V-Twin handlebars
- For all custom bikes with 1 fixed 4 piston caliper

Brembo Radial Master Cylinders are found on the fastest bikes in the world because they're powerful, reliable and built to exacting tolerances for consistent performance under a wide range of conditions. Brembo's 19 RCS master cylinder is no exception. It offers the unique ability to change brake lever ratios from 15x18 (for power) to 15x20 (for feel) with a simple turn of the screw, something not possible on other Brembo brake master cylinders. The 15 RCS is manufactured using a combination of forge-casting and CNC-machining. Forged parts have a particular advantage over parts machined from billet when it comes to strength since the metal's grain structure follows closely the shape of the part as it is pressed into its final form. After forging, the aluminum master cylinder blank is then machined to accept all of its hardware: banjo bolt, brake reservoir spigot, lever attachment and - most critical, the brake piston assembly. This multi-stage manufacturing process ensures both strength, through the forging process and precision via CNC finishing - both of which contribute to the master cylinder's consistent, exacting performance that has made it the "must have" brake upgrade component.

Every Brembo 15 RCS master cylinder comes complete with a break-away lever for crash survivability, a dual-line banjo bolt and a micro-switch controller for street applications allowing you to activate the rear brake light without the need to buy a separate pressure-sensitive banjo bolt switch.

Brembo masters can be swapped to the left side and the bleeder and brake line banjo bolt are interchangeable so the bleeder can be relocated to the top.

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