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HEL Performance Brake Line - Custom Length up to 48 inches


HEL Performance USA is now the North American Importer and a Manufacturing Distributor of HEL brake lines. This means that manufacturing all of our brake line orders is done in house, in the USA. This allows for a wide range of color options and custom lengths.

WARNING: OEM hoses should be replaced every 3-5 years.

By adding Stainless Steel braided brake lines to your bike, you may experience a gain in performance due to a decrease in line expansion. While offering a firmer - more responsive feel of the brake lever and/or foot pedal, this combination can help you build confidence in your brakes allowing you to brake faster and harder then ever before with less effort on the controls.

This order form will allow us to build a line exactly as you request. Please understand that all sales are final and we are unable to refund for custom requests. Please do not hesitate to call us to order a custom brake line over the phone. You may also contact by email for more information or to work one on one with a tech to build the line(s) that you need.

Measuring Length... (Please Read)
1.) For brake lines with banjos on both ends, please provide a length that is center to center of the eyelets - with the exception of 60 and 90 degree banjos... These should be measured to the end or furthest outside edge of the sealing surface. 2.) Measurements for 0 Degree (Straight) 'inline' or threaded Male and Female fittings should be to the outside tip or end of each fitting. 3.) If you require a 90 bend for a male or female fitting, please measure to the outside edge of the 90 degree bend and NOT to the end of the fitting itself. 4.) Please provide measurements in (mm) if possible. If you are unable to specify mm, please specify INCHES in the custom text field below.

example 1.) Straight banjo to 20 degree banjo.
Measure from center of banjo to center of banjo.

example 2.) 45 degree banjo to 10m x 1.00 Male straight.
Measure from the center of 45 degree banjo to the very end tip of the 10m x 1.00 straight fitting.

example 3.) 45 degree Swivel Male 10m x 1.25 to 90 degree Swivel Female 10m x 1.25
Measure from end tip of 45 degree Swivel Male 10m x 1.25 to the outside of the 90 degree bend at 90 degree Swivel Female 10m x 1.25.

We will supply stainless steel bolts and copper crush washers when needed. If your lines require the banjo end fittings, please be sure to specify the thread pitch for the bolts you require or list your bike model year and braking components in the custom text field for 'Bike Model' and we will do our best to match them for you.

Orientation & Rotating Banjo Ends...
Rotating the banjo ends on HEL Performance brake lines is quite simple and can be done with common hand tools. 1.) Please wrap teflon or black tape around the crimped ferrule of the line..(Sometimes cover by shrink wrap.) 2.) Gently hold the crimped ferrule over the tape with a set of pliers. 3.) Place a screwdriver or other punch style tool through the eye of the banjo and rotate in the direction needed. This will allow you to route your custom line in the manner you choose without the worry of line twist or binding.

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