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Fuel Tank Baffle Foam

Fuel Tank Baffle Foam

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Rock your bike quickly from side to side at a standstill and then feel the fuel in the tank slosh from side to side. Our fuel cell baffling is designed to combat this sloshing effect that unsettles the bike.

This over-expanded foam, which when stuffed into a gas tank, will stabilize the fuel and prevent the sloshing effect.

Fuel weighs approximately 7lbs per gallon and typically a bike will have around 3 gallons of fuel in it. That's 21lbs of fluid that will most definitely have an compounded effect on your bike as it changes position from side to side. Imagine 21 lbs of fluid traveling at XXmph and then smashing against the side of your tank as you change direction!

For racing, there have been marked improvements in lap times and control. For stunt riding, the use is unlimited as stunt bikes are constantly changing position and direction. A 180 stoppie landing or even just a wheelie or stoppie for example.

Riders report that installing Tank Foam gives the impression that they had their suspension done, even to the point of having to adjust their riding style because they were always making minor adjustments compensating for this fuel slosh.

Designed for drag racing or circle track racing, this will also keep your fuel pump from being starved under hard acceleration or cornering.

This foam is a 60ppi material. It is cut into 8x4x6 inch pieces, which collapse easily and can be stuffed into the tank through a fuel pump hole.

Pro racers in super street, mx and auto racing have been using this trick for years!

Prevents gas from sloshing around in tank

- Used by all AMA professional racing teams

- Size 8" x 4" x 6" each

- Typical tank you use about 2-3 pieces

- Only reduces the tanks volume by 3-4 percent.

- Sold by piece

- Can be cut and stacked as needed

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