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On-Point Performance

01-03 F4i Tailsaver - On Point

01-03 F4i Tailsaver - On Point

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This Tail-Saver / Step Plate helps prevent the tail of your Honda F4i from breaking when doing Seat Stander wheelies and provides a stable platform with increased traction.

Features of the On-Point Performance Stunt Tail Saver for your Honda F4i include:

• CNC machined 1/8″ Steel plate. Grip tape included
• Powder coated glossy black or white (custom colors are available for additional cost; please inquire).
• Narrower design then competitors to avoid banging your legs.
• Cut less high then competitors’ tail savers. This prevents the On-Point Performance Tail Saver from coming down on you “if” a stoppie ever went wrong.
• Mounting bracket offers an additional mount point per side, for extra strength, competitors have only one.
• Easy to install. Detailed instructions included.

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