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Clean Air Mod Kit w/ Block-off Plates and Filter

Clean Air Mod Kit w/ Block-off Plates and Filter

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This is a universal kit to install the Clean Air Mod on most sport bikes.

This kit includes aluminum block off plates, 2 feet of 1/2" hose, a breather filter, an assortment of rubber caps, and hose clamps.

Save yourself the trouble of hunting down these parts...get them here and have them shipped right to your door!

Reasons for this mod and other benefits: From the factory, the engine crankcase is vented to the air intake box as well as the exhaust valves.

If you drop your bike on its side a lot like stunt riders do, the oil will run up into the air intake box and fill your #1 cylinder causing the engine to hydrolock. Oil does not compress and can cause a bent a rod, etc.

With this mod, you plug off the holes in the airbox and run the crankcase breather hose directly to where the exhaust valve is and replace it with a tee and then any excess oil will just blow out your exhaust.

This mod keeps hot oily air out of your intake. A cooler charge is always going to be better for performance.

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