ConvertiBARS Stunt Series

ConvertiBARS Stunt Series

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Fork Diameter
All Handlebars Bars Are Black 7075
Fork Clamp and Riser Color
Stunt Series Infinitely Adjustable Handlebars with an improved thicker design on the top of the riser for increased strength for stunt riding. The original Convertibars were great, these are even better!

Now available in Silver, Black and Green! (Green fork clamps only available in 50mm)

These are the original maker of adjustable handle bars and still the best option available on the market. Unmatched quality and adjustability. The ConvertiBARS clamp and handlebar can be positioned independent of each other, allowing 6 dimensions of convertibility and radical changes in riding position allowing riders to fit their bikes to their chosen riding style or body position.

This handlebar design feels as solid as a one piece handlebar, yet dramatically reduces vibration with the V-Roc ( Vibration Reduction Offset Collet).

The down angle can be changed by repositioning the collet in 4 degree increments allowing up to 16 degrees of down angle convertability -8,-4,0,4,8 degrees.

High strength, light weight 6061/T6 billet aluminum is used to make Cyclops clamps, riser and handlebars.

Convertibars patented Cyclops Clamps use high strength steel inserts in order to yield repeatable and extreme clamping forces that hold strong and reliable enough for daily changes and the most radical stunting or racing.

41mm and 43mm are available in wide space bottom clamp for motorcycles with interfering triple clamp pinch bolts(Usually on naked bikes with pinch bolts at 3 and 9 Oclock).
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