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Elite Moto Tech

Dyna Crash Cage - Elite Mototech

Dyna Crash Cage - Elite Mototech

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TheNew Product Elite Mototech Dyna Crash Bar is the first of its kind, built entirely from 6061 aluminum, CNC machined into a piece of artwork. The slider ends are made from Delrin plastic to soften the blow from a tip-over and allow easy replacement. All hardware used to assemble the bar is stainless steel with an option for ARP bolts. 

ARP Bolts

We first developed this crash bar in 2016. With several being tested over the years, with great feedback showcasing them at events, we have finally decided it was time to release the crash bar to the public. 

When creating our crash bars, we had a few key points in mind, two of them being durability and lightweight and we accomplished all key points. Only weighing in at 7 pounds, this is by far the lightest crash bar on the market! Regarding durability, these bars have taken the abuse of a simple tip-over, to the ultimate test of getting sideswiped by a bus. All testing resulted in the same outcome, a perfectly straight crash bar only in need of replacement sliders. 

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