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The SICSHOP ProSeries Easy Pull Clutch

The SICSHOP ProSeries Easy Pull Clutch

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The SICSHOP ProSeries easy pull clutch lever is a highly precision CNC machined lever made out of air craft aluminum and anodized in a verity of colors so you can customize it to your liking. We have gone the extra mile to make sure our product is perfect. We have also spent the time necessary to provide a smooth look and finish. Our finish isn't only for looks it also provides a purpose. The top of our perch is covered to keep from pinching or snagging while performing a stunt. Our clutch lever also provides a nice fit to the handle bar to prevent damage to your bar such as scratching or digging. We also designed our adjuster screw to provide a nice feel and easy adjustment with a smooth surface.

Every component of the clutch lever assembly goes through an extensive quality check such as the machining process, anodize, logo, assembly and most importantly look and function. Our lever offers perfect cable alignment so there isn't any cable rubbing/dragging and gives you the optimum easy pull while still maintaining the necessary clutch disengagement your bike requires. Being able to adjust the lever to your liking is very important to us, with a nice fit to the bar you can easily rotate the entire perch up and down while also being able to adjust the the position of the lever in conjunction to the bar with the set screw mounted to the side of the perch. Additional clearance is designed into the bottom of the perch for those riders using a hand brake and requiring a snug fit between the clutch lever and master cylinder.

Available with a Neutral Safety Switch with universal wires or utilizing an OEM plug-n-play connector for many models. This is essential for proper fuel maps on Suzuki GSXR models and a normal safety feature for all models to prevent starting in gear and jumping forward.  

We also offer matching levers for Front Brake and Hand Brake when using Brembo RCS model masters and soon we will have options for most OEM Front Brake as well as Magura. 


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