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F4i Fixed 4/6 Degree Ignition Advancer

F4i Fixed 4/6 Degree Ignition Advancer

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Similar to the "Griffy Star" that stunt rider Andrew Griffy made popular by combining a 2 degree and a 4 degree advancer in to one part, this is a 4 degree and a 6 degree advancer in one part.

We have found that very few people use the 2 degree position on the 2/4 and there is a call for the 6 degree to get that extra power out of the bike!

This ignition advancer is a must for all F4i stunt bikes.
Choose between 4 degree and 6 degree advanced timing and say good bye to the F4i bog while adding a lot more pep!!!

This is our in-house version that is much higher quality and more precise that the competitors.

*Now installed with the numbers facing away from the motor and labeled that way

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