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NDC 13-17 Triumph 675r Caliper Bracket

NDC 13-17 Triumph 675r Caliper Bracket

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These brackets are extremely high quality CNC machined 6061 aluminum anodized black and comes with everything needed to use a stock rotor or can be upgraded to a 260mm Hayabusa 'BIG' rotor for full pad contact on the hand brake caliper.

The bracket will hold (2) 4 piston radial calipers and use of a 260mm Hayabusa big rotor application and includes provisions for the OEM traction control sensor

When used on the stock rotor, the 4 piston caliper will not have full pad contact. A bit more than half of the pad will contact the rotor and the rest must be trimmed away to prevent failure. 260mm Hayabusa rotor option provides full pad contact with no trimming and more leverage for increased stopping power.

* You will need to use one of the 4 piston caliper positions for foot brake (there is no adapter available for the stock foot brake caliper).

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