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NDC Titanium Scrape Bar Kit

NDC Titanium Scrape Bar Kit

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1" thick by 3-1/2" wide Titanium Scrape Bar Kit for NDC Subframes

This is for riders that want the amazing NDC billet aluminum subframe for the 09-19 ZX6 but still want to go to Scrape City and get there easier and with more stability.

It's no secret that the 09+ ZX6 scrape zone is way past 12 o'clock, more in the 1 o'clock range which requires more speed to get to and scrubs speed quickly when you are that far back and want to hit the bar in a softer controlled fashion.

This kit not only gives you a wider scrape surface, it also extends the scrape point about 1-1/2 inches farther back to make your scrapes occur closer to true 12 o'clock position making it both easier to get to and more stable once you are there!
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