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ProSeries Fan Shroud Radiator Support (SRS) ONLY

ProSeries Fan Shroud Radiator Support (SRS) ONLY

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Front Support Strap Decal Color
Add No-slip Clip-on Nuts
Add 25A Mini ATC Fuse

Prevent overheating your 09-22 ZX6. Fan shrouds are one of the important components for keeping an engine running cool.

This is an exclusive Sic Shop designed Radiator Support and Fan Shroud Kit. It holds (2)Panasonic High CFM Fans and provides strength and support to your radiator and mounting points. It is aluminum construction to make it lightweight (1.5 lbs) and to help dissipate heat. This is a direct bolt-on, plug and play system.

What Does A Fan Shroud Do?
The fan-shroud assembly is an important component of the cooling system. A properly built shroud will greatly improve the efficiency of a pull fan as it draws air through the radiator. While the fan is responsible for drawing in air, the fan shroud's job is to ensure uniform air distribution to the radiator core.

The circular area of even a large fan is significantly smaller than the rectangular surface area of the radiator. This means that, by itself, the fan will cover only a portion of the radiator, possibly as little as 50 percent. That's a lot of air that is not being pulled through the radiator. In addition, a lot of air will be drawn from around the radiator which is extremely close to the exhaust headers, as it follows the path of least resistance. The solution is a fan shroud. Shrouds block out any air that isn't drawn through the front of the radiator, and creates a vacuum to expand the fan's ability pull from the entire surface area of the radiator.

Stunt riding in a closed course really increases the heat dissipation problem since there is not a large volume of air coming at the front of the radiator and forcing its way in. This is why speeding uo and down the lot/street will bring the temp down. Also, stopping at traffic lights after running at high RPM will raise the temp significantly without a fan shroud.

Another advantage of this system is adding significant strength and support to the radiator and its mounting points.

This system is available with the fans as a plug and play option or without the fans (used OEM) if you would like to source them yourself or add custom wiring options. We recommend using the OEM wiring and increasing the size of the OEM fuse to 25A to accommodate powering (2) fans. On 13+ ZX6, we recommend flashing the ECU to turn on the fans at 180 degrees.

(1) Clear Anodized Fan Shroud
(2) Clear Anodized Fan Mount Brackets
(3) Clear Anodized Reinforcement Mounts
(2) Clear Anodized Front Support Straps with Decal in Your Color Choice
(22) Stainless Steel M6 Bolts
(22) Stainless Steel M6 Nylon Locknuts

** We have verified compatibility with the aftermarket radiators that we offer **

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