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Teardrop Tap-in ONLY

Teardrop Tap-in ONLY

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If there is a screw visible holding the stock reservoir inlet, you most likely have the teardrop style.

This fitting allows you to add a hand lever master cylinder to the stock rear brake system without adding a new rear caliper bracket or additional calipers while maintaining all the function of your foot pedal to the rear caliper.

This system is able to deliver approximately 90% of pedal-operated braking force.

This system is completely bolt-on:

- The tap-in fitting mounts in place of the OEM rear brake fluid reservoir where it attaches to the master cylinder.

- There is a one-way ball valve inside the OEM foot brake master that closes when the foot pedal is pressed to send pressure to the caliper and opens when the hand lever is used to deliver pressure to through the foot brake master to the caliper.

- Only one brake fluid reservoir will remain attached to the hand brake reservoir to supply the system.

- A line is needed to run from the hand lever to the tap-in fitting

* A smaller hand brake master such as the Brembo 14RCS or Magura 13mm is recommended for this set up.

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