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Seal Savers Original (non-zip) Fork Seal Protection


Original SealSavers Street fork seal covers revolutionary design acts as a pre-wipe, wiping away and dirt, dust and mud that has accumulated onto the forks, preventing it from getting into your for seals as your forks compress. SealSavers fork seal covers are a durable and washable fork cover that will not affect your fork damping or preload. Original SealSavers Street fork covers are easy to install on your machine. Remove the front tire and take the forks out of the triple clamps, then just slide the fork cover on the fork tube and cover the seals, then keep it in place with the provided zip ties.


Benefits of Original SealSavers Street Fork Covers
The SealSavers protect the seals from dust, dirt and mud.
SealSavers are durable and washable and will not effect your fork damping or preload.
The short SealSavers will fit Conventional and Inverted Forks.
Tips for Using Fork Covers
Apply the zip tie to the largest portion of the fork tube so the fork guard rubs on the zip-tie
When washing your bike, flip up the bottom side of the SealSavers to wash any small amount of dirt that has gathered. Be sure to flip the SealSavers back down before they dry.

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