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Elite Moto Tech Easy Pull Clutch for Harley (OEM cable) - Mix/Custom Colors

Elite Moto Tech Easy Pull Clutch for Harley (OEM cable) - Mix/Custom Colors

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*** "The Custom" Lever comes with full customizability, from colors to logo choice. ***

Here at Elite Mototech we strive to build the best parts available and with the Elite Mototech HD easy pull clutch lever being the first of its kind, we have made a massive impression in the performance Harley Davidson world. The 2x Patented HD Easy Pull Clutch Lever & Matching Front Brake Lever is a highly precision CNC machined lever with innovative design, while providing the ultimate function. These are made from 6061 aluminum using only the best materials manufactured in the U.S.A. and of course the parts themselves are also manufactured right here in the United States of America. Our levers and lever components are anodized in a variety of colors so you can customize it to your liking. All anodizing color work is sealed using nickel acetate sealer with an Anti-Fade agent. Our anodizing has been rigorously tested against the harsh sun in the sunniest cities in America and to this day some of our original parts are still looking just as good as new. We have gone the extra mile to make sure our product is perfect, from the smooth look and finish to a smooth operating lever. Please read the details below regarding the levers themselves.
Easy Pull Clutch Lever:
Our 2x patented easy pull clutch lever offers 30% less force to pull over the stock lever, while utilizing the stock Harley clutch cable without modification and works on all Harley's with the eye or loop style cable. All our clutch levers come standard with all stainless-steel hardware; two high quality sealed ball bearings pressed into the lever itself while using a proprietary custom-made pivot bolt to secure it into the perch body. We have machined two small reservoir pockets into the lever itself to hold lubricant in the lever and perch body, thus keeping a long-lasting smooth feel and prolonging Routine maintenance. The Elite Mototech clutch lever only takes minutes to install without the need to disassemble our lever/perch assembly unlike stock. There are two different length clutch levers to choose from, the stubby 1-1/2 finger (4.5 inch) and shorty 2 finger (5.25 inch) being approximately 2 inches shorter than the stock Harley levers. These measurements are taken from the inside edge of the switch housing where it meets the grip. These measurements allow you to get an exact idea of where your lever would sit and allows you to choose the correct size for your riding style. There is an option of a mirror/blinker mount which can be flipped 180 degrees to either lower or rise the mirror/blinker. Beneath the mirror mount is a set screw to adjust the reach of the lever for those riders with shorter fingers looking for a little more comfortable lever position. With the 1” handlebar being standard on all Harleys we also offer a 7/8” option for those riders looking to change their bar to a Motocross handlebar. If you are unsure of your bar size, chances are you have 1”.


There is a mirror mount option available that is a separate bracket that bolts to the clutch.

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