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On-Point Performance



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No more gauges zip tied to cages or triples or removed completely leaving you in the dark about all the info the cluster provides, such as idle RPM, Oil LOW, FI codes, TEMPERATURE, Low Fuel, Neutral, etc.

This Speedo Gauge Bracket allows you to mount the gauge on your Honda motorcycle without the fairing stay bracket. Many stunt riders do not use their gauge because they do not have a way to mount it to the stunt bike when they go street fighter, straighten their bars, or when using aftermarket headlights on their motorcycle.

This bracket solves that problem by allowing you to mount your gauge to the upper triple tree on your 2001-2006 Honda F4i motorcycle.

Features of the On-Point Performance Speedo Gauge Bracket for the Honda CBR 600 F4i include:

- CNC machined 3mm steel. 

- Designed with a 15 degree upward bend for clear display and to stay out of the rider's way when doing stunts like high chairs.

- Allows you to run your bars straight without hitting the gauge. 

- Because it mounts to the triple tree, it moves with the motorcycle's bars.

- Held secure if the motorcycle goes down. 

- Easy to install. 

- Detailed instructions included.

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