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06-09 R6 Race Rails

06-09 R6 Race Rails

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Impaktech cages are a proven top quality brand. Well thought out designs that generally include a second slider high on the cage to prevent the bike from rolling onto the tank, upper and bars/controls. This is particularly important on newer bikes as the motor mounts keep moving forward and down every year.

The welds are extremely high quality and these cages tend to keep their shape especially at the mounting points. Even a badly bent Impaktech cage will usually come off and go back on with ease.

Typical time to build and powder is 2 weeks, with delivery in about 3 weeks, but at times it can be up to 6 weeks with special models or colors, etc.

Some more common models are stocked and will ship faster. Colors other than Black or White may add a couple of weeks to complete.

Replacement sliders are available and generally in stock in our store as well.

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