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09-23 ZX6 GP Race Exhaust

09-23 ZX6 GP Race Exhaust

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2009+ ZX6R Race Slip On Exhaust

We have had multiple 13-18 ZX6's professionally Dyno Tuned by Attack Performance in Huntington Beach, CA and are able to transfer the Dyno Tune into your OEM ECU without the need for a Power Commander or similar Fuel controller at an additional cost of $299. Normally this would cost $250 for the flash, $350 for the Power Commander, and $350 for the Dyno Tune (a $950 value for under $300!!!) We have seen almost 10hp gain and better low to mid range power with this set up. You would need to mail us your ECU and we can do a 1-day turnaround so you have it back in under a week! (USA customers)

*There is no Exhaust Insert (db Killer) available for this exhaust

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