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GPR Stabilizer

GPR Stabilizer Triple Clamp Kit for 19+ ZX6

GPR Stabilizer Triple Clamp Kit for 19+ ZX6

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This kit includes a GPR Top Triple Clamp with stabilizer mount built in and a V5 GPR Stabilizer The GPRV5, specifically made for sport bikes.

Proven fluid control technology has been squeezed, trimmed, and lightened in this model to be smaller, lighter, and faster.

A large dial with a definite "no-slip" grip that locks into place with a positive "click" at 20 settings. Approximately 30% lighter than the GPR original street bike steering stabilizer. Shorter fluid ports, new valving, quicker reacting to high speeds.

The GPR V5S, the fifth generation of the GPR sport bike application. This is specifically designed for sport and street use applications and uses our patented pin-less mounting system.

Slim design and large visible adjustment dial allows you to adjust the damping settings while you ride. Vital in changing conditions and temperatures.

Since its debut in 2007, this kit has become a favorite of amateur and professional road racers worldwide.

The GPR V5S steering dampers available to the public is the same championship winning sport bike steering damper that our race teams use.

Bolt on applications only too. No holes to drill into your top clamp and no holes to drill into your frame. Light-weight mounting brackets and all in house prototyping insure a proper fit to your bike.

This is the steering damper you want on your sport bike. This is a huge advantage to help prevent 'tank slappers' when coming down from a wheelie at high speed as well and when doing stoppies.

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