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Suspect Stunt Parts

Suspect 07-18 600RR Radiator Support

Suspect 07-18 600RR Radiator Support

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$249.99 + Shipping

Tired of breaking tabs on your radiator? Suspect Radiator Cage is the answer!

Made out of 1/8" steel, this is stronger and thicker than any other radiator cage on the market. Optional 2nd R6 Fan Mount and RockGuard is available.

Please allow 3-5 weeks for build time.

Optional Items:

2nd Fan Mount Option: All radiator cages come standard with two fan mounts (one for OEM fan and one for optional R6 fan). If you select the 2nd fan mount option, this will replace the OEM fan mount with a R6 fan mount, allowing you to run two R6 fans. This is more efficient fan than OEM, which allows for better cooling.

RockGuard Option: This is a protective guard that goes on the front of the radiator to protect from rock chips and road debris from damaging the radiator fins. This will be powder coated the same color as the rest of the radiator cage.

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