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260mm EBC Vee Hayabusa Rotor

260mm EBC Vee Hayabusa Rotor

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EBC Vee-Rotor Rear Brake Rotor This is a 260mm larger rotor used for all Hohey and NDC dual caliper bracket kits when a bigger rotor that uses full pad contact without trimming is desired.

This slotted rotor has revised angle slots to better evacuate gasses at high temps and is made from German supplied stainless steel.

Made from heat treated stainless steel and tempered back to the optimum hardness EBC has worked long and hard on choosing the exact correct hardness and temper procedure for their brake rotors. Under hardened rotors will wear out prematurely, while over hardened can crack over time

Break in period: All brake pads must be bedded-in with the rotor they will be used against to maximize brake performance. The bedding-in process involves a gradual build up of heat in the rotors and pad compound. This process will lay down a thin layer of transfer film on to the rotor surface.

Following the bed-in procedures provided by the manufacturer will assure a smooth, even layer of transfer film on the rotor and will minimize brake shutter. The best way to break in a new rotor and/or pads is to ride up to 60-70mph then slow to 5-10mph without skidding or locking up and do not stop completely then speed back up to 60-70mph again. Do this several times, then ride around for a while without using the brake to let everything cool down. (DO NOT STOP THE BIKE RIGHT AWAY!) Once you have cooled the brake rotor and pads you are ready to go!

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