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HT Moto

30"x 40" Full Tank Wrap

30"x 40" Full Tank Wrap

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Sheets of high grade 1/4" (5.5mm) Foam Traction with 3M Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backing with Cut Diamond Pattern. Actual sheet size will be 30" x 40", but some of the color around the edges may be inconsistent. Usable area is approximately 29"x 37".

This is just the right size to fully wrap most tanks and will likely leave some extra for a tail saver, etc.

Sheets may have some small holes. This is a natural occurrence in EVA material.

If the color you choose has an * in it, this is a color that will fade. This can occur quickly and severely. Mats will not be warrantied for fading. If you want a color that will not fade, we recommend you choose a color that does not have an * next to it.
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