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Apex Riser Clip-on Set with 7/8" Bar

Apex Riser Clip-on Set with 7/8" Bar

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Apex Riser Clip-ons are among the most versatile clip-on available to create optimal riding performance for all types of riding.

The unique design allows for simple installation and maximum adjustability so you can spend more time riding in comfort.

The clamp can be adjusted at any point on the 3" or 4" post, allowing you to go from a racing position, at the lowest adjustment, to a more comfortable cruising position with the highest rise adjustments.

Some bike models require extended lines/cables in order to achieve the full potential rise. Machined from 6061 billet aircraft aluminum makes these clip-ons ultra-light and strong for optimal performance.

The bar has a fixed 9 degree billet angle machined in the end with 8 radial adjustable positions to ensure your perfect custom fit and fine-tuning. Fasteners are stainless steel. All pieces are anodized black with plastic inserts in the end of the bar. Bars are hollow, with no threads at the end of the bar and no pre-drilled holes.

Clip-ons are universal; there is no left or right side.

Product ships pre-assembled.


- 9 degree angle with 8 radial adjustable points

- Machined from 6061 billet aircraft aluminum

- Universal, no left or right side

- Anodized black

- Riser post measures 3" or 4"

- Stainless steel fasteners

- Bar Length: 9 5/8" (244.4mm)

- Bar Inner diameter: 6¾" (19mm)

- Bar Outer diameter: 7/8" (22.2mm)

- No pre-drilled holes in bars

- Bars are hollow, with no threads at end of bar

This set includes everything you need for 1 motorcycle!

Apex mfg clip-on bars are adjustable using a unique stainless steel locating pin which takes out any guess work and ensures a positive location from the following angles: 9*, 4.5*. 0*. -4.5*, -9*. The angle is also dictated by where the clamp is located on the fork tube.

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