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F4i Rear Suspension Stiffening Kit (Saggy Ass Fix)

F4i Rear Suspension Stiffening Kit (Saggy Ass Fix)

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This "F4i Saggy Ass" suspension link raises the tail and reduces the linkage ratio action on the Honda CBR600F4i rear shock.

The end result is a stiffer rear shock and less sponginess. This will help keep you in place during sit-down tricks and reduce the bounce back on the F4i when clutching it up. This is the Viagra your Honda needs!

**NOTE: Must Press fit your stock bearing from current suspension link into new link.

When comparing to the side plate kit, those are like a body lift on a truck and this kit is like a suspension lift on a truck. The plates will lift the rear, but the suspension will still be soft and bouncy. This kit will tighten up the rear

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