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HEL Brakelines

FULL STUNT Brake Line Kit - HEL Performance

FULL STUNT Brake Line Kit - HEL Performance

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This Full Stunt Lines Kit Includes:

- (2) Longer Than Stock Stainless Steel Front Brake Lines in Your Choice of Line and Fitting (ends) Colors

- (1) Stainless Steel Rear (Matching Colors)

- (1) Stainless Steel 80 inch Handbrake line (Matching Colors)

- Stainless Steel Banjo Bolts with Crush Washers

- Instruction manual

Lifetime warranty

If your looking for the best brake lines available, choose a company that is striving for the highest in quality and performance while putting your safety first... HEL Performance.

HEL Performance USA is now the North American Importer and a Manufacturing Distributor of HEL brake lines. This means that they are now manufacturing all of their brake line orders in house, allowing for a wide range of color options and custom lengths.

By adding Stainless Steel braided brake lines to your bike, you may experience a gain in performance due to a decrease in line expansion offering a firmer - more responsive feel of the brake lever and/or foot pedal. This combination can help you build confidence in your brakes allowing you to brake faster and harder then ever before with less effort on the controls.

Our Full Line of 'RACE' series Front Kits consists of two specific length brake lines that mount to your master cylinder (brake lever) with a double banjo bolt and route directly to each front caliper.

CUSTOMIZING COLORS - We offer a wide range of colors including 19 different colored brake lines and 7 colored banjos (ends) for well over 130 custom color options.

BANJO BOLTS - All HEL kits include Stainless Steel banjo bolts.

*We recommend +4" for adjustable height clip ons and +5" for dirt bar conversions.

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