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HyperPro RSC Steering Damper Only

HyperPro RSC Steering Damper Only

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This one is unique of it's kind and is superior to other steering dampers. It behaves like a linear steering damper, while normal riding and it has all the functionalities of the CSC steering damper. However, when it comes to the real job, like tank slappers and wobbling, whereas the CSC steering damper will control the very quick movements, the RSC will react in a direct way with a lot of extra progressive damping to even-out and cancel the quick movement at the very beginning. This will give you the real support that you need.

As we say: "the best steering damper in the world!"


Fully adjustable - Damping can be adjusted in 22 positions.

Fully re-buildable with spare parts availability.

High quality bearings Low friction design due to 8mm piston rod with special surface treatment.

One-piece piston rod - Perfect alignment through the slide bearings and no excessive force on the piston.

Triple function seals. Dust scraper and double oil seal, ensuring that dust cannot enter and oil cannot exit.

Nitrogen pressurized heat expansion reservoir - Gas pressure prevents against foaming.

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