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Kawasaki Steel Drive Kits (In Stock)

Kawasaki Steel Drive Kits (In Stock)

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Rear Sprocket Size

520 Complete Drive Kits include a lightened steel rear sprocket, drilled and lightened case-hardened steel front sprocket, and an EK Quadra X-ring chain.

These kits are extremely strong and built to last!

The unique spoke design offers superior strength with maximum weight reduction making it the lightest and strongest steel sprocket available.

All steel sprockets meet or exceed O.E.M specs, offer a perfect fit and come with a lifetime warranty.

- Exclusive tooth profile for extended mileage output

- Computer generated design combines huge weight savings with exceptional strength

- Induction hardened steel with a black zinc plated finish - Rated for 250+ horsepower

Important Notes-

-The chain tension on all modern sportbikes should be maintained with a minimum of 2" of top-to-botom travel to accommodate full suspension movement and prevent premature chain stretching and sprocket wear.

*The Chain and Front sprocket will be separate items in your cart and will not be included if you delete them from your cart.

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