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NDC Kawasaki Hand Brake Caliper Bracket

NDC Kawasaki Hand Brake Caliper Bracket

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These brackets are extremely high quality CNC machined 6061 aluminum anodized black and comes with everything needed to use a stock rotor or 250mm 'BIG' rotor.

The bracket used alone will hold (1) 4 piston radial caliper and (1) OEM Kawasaki (TOKICO) 03-12 foot brake caliper. The included brackets and hardware allow for an additional 4 piston caliper in either stock or 250mm big rotor applications.

The 260mm Hayabusa rotor option requires a special footbrake adapter for OEM, Brembo P34, or larger Nissin foot brake calipers found on R6 and Honda.

The 300mm rotor option requires a special footbrake adapter and can only use the Brembo P34 foot brake caliper.

250mm or larger is highly recommended to enable full pad contact on the 4 piston calipers as the stock rotor is too small to reach to the outside of the 4 piston calipers

----- 2013+ specific parts and information ------

Traction Control:

The 2103+ Kawasaki 636 bracket is an additional $35 if you would like the machining and bracket for the traction control / speedo sensor.

These are the options -

1. Traction control can be retained and turned off manually with the left bar control button every time the bike is started

2. Traction control can be defeated by removing the front sensor only. Or by completely eliminated by flashing the ECU

*** if the ECU is not flashed to remove traction control, the traction control ring must stay in the rear or the computer will activate the control and prevent full power and wheelies etc.

The BEST way to set up the hand brake system on the 13+ 636 when retaining the rear traction control sensor is to opt for the Hayabusa rotor option. The Busa rotor adapter ring has a special recess for mounting the traction control ring and flush mounts the rotor farther out so the rotor bolts will not rub on the bracket which is a problem when using the stock rotor with the traction ring. The heads of the rotor mounting bolts can be ground down some as well as the bracket, but this is not the ideal set up.

If the ECU is re flashed to eliminate traction control, our 250mm OEM style rotor comes with countersunk bolt recess and flush flat head stainless bolts.


Foot Brake:

The ZX6 13+/GSXR 10+ Nissin foot brake adapter is required on the 2013 ZX6 if you plan to use the stock foot brake caliper (which is different than the 03-12 caliper that is a direct bolt on)

If using the 250mm big rotor, the same standard Nissin 13+ footbrake caliper adapter can be used. If using the 260mm Busa rotor or a 300mm rotor, you will need a different specific foot brake caliper adapter (same price)


Swingarm Issues:

Axle block supports may be added for 05-13 ZX6. The OEM swing arm and brake bracket slide on the 09+ swingarm are prone to breakage. The axle support blocks lock into the main hand brake bracket and bolt them together to transfer the energy to the axle slides.
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