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On Point 14-20 FZ09 / MT09 Full Stunt Cage

On Point 14-20 FZ09 / MT09 Full Stunt Cage

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Tired of manufacturers cutting corners, we decided to create the ultimate stunt cage.  By starting with the highest quality materials available (DOM Tubing, CNC’d Mounts, TIG Welding, Class 12.9 Hardware), incorporating a shock absorption system and taking impact geometry into account, our stunt cage provides more protection to your bike than any other cage on the market while maintaining a lightweight, streamlined design.

Extensive research and testing went into developing a stunt cage that not only provides protection to the frame, tank, handle bars, and fairings but also does not impede the rider or affect the nimbleness of your bike (you will be able to drag knee before the cage makes contact)


CNC machined: All tabs and tubing washers are CNC machined for extreme strength and precision

Shock Absorbers: Through extensive research and testing, we were able to determine the optimal compression rates for our shock absorbers to help dissipate impacts and greatly reduce the chance of cracking your frame

Sliders: Made from a composite sourced from a German auto manufacturer, our sliders are strong enough to withstand repeated hard impacts without breaking or catching on surfaces, unlike competitors Delrin sliders

Construction: All of our cages are TIG welded at our facility in Downtown Los Angeles for ultimate strength

Low Profile: Our cage mounts more closely to the bike and provides more ground clearance than any other stunt cage while staying clear of the rider and not hitting your shins

Materials: 1.75″ DOM tubing and 1.25″, 0.120 wall steel allow us to build the strongest cage on the market

Mounting Points: There are 3 mounting points total. 2 points of the cage mount to the frame and the 3rd point mounts to the cross bar. This provides a much better bond to the frame and better dissipation of impact forces

Hardware: Class 12.9 mounting hardware included

Finish: Powder coated gloss black

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