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Sic Shop Custom Length Idle Adjuster

Sic Shop Custom Length Idle Adjuster

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This idle adjuster is offered up to 60" (5ft) long (most OEM are 10-14" at most). It is rotating spring metal encased inside a sleeve, allowing you to secure it along a route to nearly anywhere you want! No more holding the clutch with your right hand while searching for and adjusting with your left!

All end parts are non-corrosive (stainless/alum/brass) and they are available in thread configurations for Honda, Kawasaki/Suzuki/Yamaha.

The OEM adjusters for the Kawasaki/Suzuki/Yamaha are $59-$90 from the dealer! Yikes! Save time, money, and gain more options with this model instead.

- OEM Size/Style knob is steel and is crimped onto the cable

- Knurled Larger knob is aluminum and attached with a set screw allowing it to be
mounted through a small hole in the plastic if desired

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