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SS-Moto Triple Clamp - Suzuki

SS-Moto Triple Clamp - Suzuki

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OK riders we've solved all you upper triple tree needs. The SS-MOTO STUNT Triples feature a one of a kind reservoir concealment that allows you to store your mini 15cc reservoirs in a safe area under the triple, while still being able to remove them to do your regular brake maintenance whether that be bleeding, adding or changing fluid, without having to remove the feed lines to your masters. This design works with Clipons and with Dirtbar setups.

  • GPR MOUNT IS FOR V4 and V5
  • Comes pre-drilled with 10mm holes for SS-MOTO dirtbar risers (not GPR risers).
  • Note*** if you are using Protaper or Renthal risers you will have to drill out the holes to 12mm or .5 inch.
  • Now offering dirtbar risers that will work with GPR (requires purchase of GPR risers and GPR mount).
  • ALL SS-MOTO trees are FLAT and have no fork clamp drop or rise. Some models may require you slightly raise or lower your frontend. If you are curious if this pertains to your bike just look at your top triple. If it is not flat across then you will have to adjust your frontend height accordingly. Adjustments are typically no more the half and inch for most bikes. 

* SS-Moto has reduced the dirt bar riser hole size to fit only their risers. The holes will need to be drilled bigger if running the universal or other brand risers.
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