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HEL Brakelines

Tap-in Hand Brake Lines - HEL

Tap-in Hand Brake Lines - HEL

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HEL stainless steel hand brake lines are available in 19 different colors. You can customize your line by choosing the fitting color also.

HEL Performance stainless steel brake hoses are manufactured from stainless steel braided Teflon hose with a pvc cover to protect your bike's bodywork and paintwork and are available in Clear, Red, Blue, Neon Blue, Black, Carbon Look, Yellow, Green, Light Purple, Dark Purple and Orange  This is a standard length line for adapting a rear hand brake (left-handed master cylinder) to a Tap-in Fitting. (If you need a master cylinder or dual caliper bracket, please check those Categories or email us if you don't find what you're looking for.)

The kit includes a line in your choice of color, 2 stainless steel banjo bolts to fit your application, 4 copper crush washers, and a lifetime warranty registration card.

If you don't know what size bolts you need, just include in your order notes what master cylinder and caliper you are using. (most Brembo and aftermarket are finer thread pitch of 10mm x 1.00, most Japanese OEM are coarser pitch of 10mm x 1.25)

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